There have been several key acquisitions in the craft brewing industry this year. Several of these have been pretty high-profile breweries that were gobbled up by corporate giants. Some of these takeovers have left craft drinkers angry and pledging not to buy from these “sell outs”. Last week, it was announced that local brewery, Pigeon Head had changed its ownership. However, this change appears to be a win-win for everyone involved, including the craft beer community.

Pigeon Head Brewery began in May of 2014. Started by James Mann and Eddie Silveira.  I had a chance to reach out to the old and new ownership regarding details on the changes.

When discussing the sale, previous owner, James Mann said “Eddie and I never had intentions of selling this soon, but things have a funny way of working out for the best”.  Pigeon Head’s new owner, Bryan Holloway started working as head brewer at the brewery six month after they opened. Earlier this year, Bryan had approached Eddie and mentioned that if he were ever thinking of selling the brewery, that he would like first crack at it. “That kind of spurred our minds into considering what life could be like post-Pigeon Head”, said Mann. Both Mann and Silveira were involved in other local businesses and Mann had another child on the way. “Selling the brewery would mean much more time to take on these other challenges, so we opened ourselves up to the idea of selling”, continued Mann.

When discussing the sale, Mann said,  “Obviously, we wouldn’t want to sell to just anyone, but Bryan would be a perfect fit because he was already making the beers and heavily invested time-wise into the brewery.” Bryan Holloway and his partner, Peter Crooks took possession of the brewery on December 1.

When asked about what he sees for the future of Pigeon Head Brewery, Holloway says, “I have plans to more than double our production within the next year and increase the volume of both keg and can sales. We are planning on distributing cans of seasonal and IPA selections in the near future, hopefully by this next summer.  I want to keep rotating our seasonals as often as possible to give people something different every time they come in to our taproom. I am trying to put out beers that push the limits of innovation and are unique to the market.”

Many thanks to James and Eddie for starting one of Reno’s favorite breweries and best of luck with your next ventures. And, continued success to Bryan Holloway. We look forward to seeing what the future brings…