Zephyr Hive BrewingZephyr Hive Brewing announced on their website and social media that they are in the planning stages of a new brewery. The brewery is the creation of Richard Bednarski and Andrew Krysiak, who have a combined 15+ years of brewing everything from cider to mead to beer to kombucha to soda and beyond.

About two years ago the two discussed opening a Meadery (fermented honey) in Reno. But, after trying to navigate local regulations, that idea became more and more difficult, and they shifted focus to strong honey fortified beers, aka braggots. A braggot is a fermented malt beverage (typically 1/3 to 1/2 malt) with a portion of the fermentable sugar coming from honey.

According to their website, “After nearly 2 years of research and development they have created a lineup of brews that reflect that traditional pub lineup. Lighter beers to the darker, heavier beers. Hops to Malt. Yet all of the brews have honey, anywhere from 90% to 25%, the honey is a noticeable part of the experience we create.”

The brewery is based on a “Farm to Glass” concept; innovation, sustainability, an emphasis on sourcing local ingredients and being rooted in the local community are keys to their mission.

“Our vision is to create a business that will connect our passion for craft beer, sustainability, and local foods with that of our customers and create a social hub (the ‘hive’) to ignite positive change in our community,” their web site says.

In a brief communication, when asked about location and timing, ZHB replied, “we are going to look for buildings in the brewing district or somewhere around the midtown area. We are hoping to open in the fall.”  The website also mentioned a Kickstarter campaign starting soon.

Their web site mentions that Zephyr Hive Brewing has created a lineup of brews that reflect that traditional pub lineup, which include:

  • A rich-bodied Scotch Ale, the Keir 90 Schilling. This brew is for the explorer at heart. With a light brown head and a smooth malt body, the hops balance out the subtle sweetness provided by the honey.
  • The Juniper Pale Ale is purely Nevadan. With juniper and sage added on top of a well balance hop schedule, this brew will bring out the beer drinker in everyone. Strong honey and floral notes bring this IPA to the top of the lineup.
  • The Hitched Belgian Strong is a great lighter brew, perfect for dining and exploring alike. A well balance malt and hop bill bring forward the fruity notes from the yeast. The Special Bee is for the bees. Brewed with lots of honey and a secret malt, this dark ale is a great afternoon drink and goes well with most meals.

We look forward to being kept updated on the progress and announcing the Grand Opening!

Photo credit: Zephyr Hive Brewery – “Brewmaster Andy adding the grain bill”

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