Jason Green (L) and Matt Johnson

IMBĪB Custom Brews will celebrate their 3rd anniversary this Saturday, June 2 with a party from 1 – 9 PM. The event will feature the release of Triad which was three years in the making.  More details below.

IMBĪB continues to produce quality beers with a focus on barrel-aged and sour beers. The brewery went through a significant expansion last year and they are reaping the benefits of the additional capacity. You can read the story we wrote HERE.

I had a chance to visit with co-founders, Jason Green and Matt Johnson in the taproom and chat about their past year and what’s to come. When adding the new capacity, there were hiccups with the ability of the building, built in 1956, to handle to demands of a 10 barrel brew system. “We really didn’t get going on the new system until September of last year.” says Matt Johnson, who expects production to more than double over what they did in 2017.

You will also find additional styles in the taproom with some stouts, hop-forward beers, German lagers and more on tap. Not sounding at all reluctant, Jason Green said that “we had to bite the bullet and started brewing hazy beer.” Bleary Eyed PA and Atmospheric Phenomenon, both New England-style IPA’s went on tap in April. Also new is Schwartzbock, a traditional Doppelbock with the non-traditional addition of dark roasted grains.

“We are also working on a Brute IPA, also known as a Champagne IPA”, said Matt Johnson. This is a newer style coming out of San Francisco that has little to no bitterness but very strong hop flavors and aromas. The beer is also bone dry (very limited residual sugars). The ability to get the beer so dry comes from an added enzyme that breaks down all starch and complex sugars into glucose, so the beer finishes at or right near 0 degrees Plato. We’ll let you know when that one is released.

Another highlight of the past year included the 5 medals that the brewery received at the Best of Craft Beer Awards in February:
Bronze    American-Style Fruit Beer     Black Currant Nevada Weisse
Gold    Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale    IMBĪB Flanders Red Ale
Silver   Berliner-Style Weisse    Nevada Weisse
Gold    Berliner-Style Weisse with Fruit or Flavor Added    Huckleberry Nevada Weisse
Gold    Mixed-Culture Brett Beer or Wild Beer    Abiogenesis #5

When talking about what’s up next, Johnson said they want to concentrate more on distribution. IMBĪB recently changed distributors to Vin Sauvage based out of Las Vegas with a warehouse in Reno. “We’re looking to do more canning and bottling and moving more beer into the marketplace”, says Johnson. You can probably look for more bottle releases as well.

Jason and Matt invite everyone to the 3rd Anniversary Blowout this Saturday from 1 – 9 PM. Hang out in the beer garden and enjoy live music, food from Kenji’s Food Truck from 1 – 4, and La Barca from 4 – close. And, of course, beer. Special beers, new releases. Here is currently what you will see:

1. Huckleberry Nevada Weisse
2. Cucumber-Key Lime Nevada Weisse
3. Cucumber Cream Ale
4. Cellared Dark Saison – Aged on Black Currant and Brettanomyces
5. Cellared Golden Child – Aged on Brettanomyces
6. Hot Toddy Nevada Weisse – Aged with “Apple Hill” juice in a bourbon barrel
7. 100% Brett – Golden Ale fermented with brettanomyces and aged for 12+ months
8. Biere de Cave – Biere de Garde aged in pinot noir barrels and cellared for more than 12 months on brettanomyces
9. Cellared Chardonnay Saison – aged for 12 months with brettanomyces
10. Playa Dust – Hazy IPA
11. Smoked Cherry Nevada Weisse
12. Ginger Bock
13. ….

Plus, the release of Triad. The label reads: “This beer is both a celebration of our three years as a brewery as well as our homage to the sour and wild ales of Belgium that traditionally consisted of blended 1, 2 and 3 year old beers to achieve a complex, acidic, refreshing masterpiece. It is an American interpretation of the beer style and is a blend of mixed culture beers using similar ingredients and aging techniques.”

Cheers to IMBĪB for another trip around the sun!

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