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The Eddy offers a selection of local and non-local craft beers. From left, a hefeweizen from Germany and a fruited Berliner from Imbib.

Renoites have a new place downtown to drink local craft beer, play patio games, sample various food trucks and generally enjoy the outdoors with the opening of The Eddy along the Truckee River.

The Eddy, billed as a container park and beer garden, is a community gathering spot that is both kid- and pet-friendly. Constructed of shipping containers, The Eddy features games, picnic tables, local art and, most importantly, three bars stocked with many local beer choices.

Giant Jenga and Connect Four are among the games offered at The Eddy.

“The philosophy behind picking the beers was a group effort from our management team,” said Jered Caudle, assistant general manager of The Eddy. “We knew from the start we wanted to capture the locals, both breweries and patrons.”

Each of The Eddy’s three bars has eight different taps, totaling 24 for the venue. Sixteen of the taps pour local beers, and Caudle says more are coming soon. From the beginning, Caudle said carrying local beers was a priority.

 “We chose to maximize the amount we could carry and divvy them up and not have any mirror each other,” Caudle said. “[It] also gives the customer the incentive to walk around and visit each of the three bars we have: The River, The Desert and The Mountain.”

On a recent early summer afternoon, the bars carried brews from Pigeon Head, The Depot, Brasserie St. James, Great Basin, Under the Rose, Imbib, Lead Dog, Brewer’s Cabinet and Revision Brewing. The bars also featured several local brews in cans.

Visitors to The Eddy play bocce ball on a summer day in the Biggest Little City.

 “The Eddy was a joint concept from both owners, Kurt Stitser and Phil Buckheart, as a place to have more than just a beer garden, but a community backing and driven as well,” he said. “They have traveled to many places and have seen more than a handful of beer gardens, and wanted to create something that was more fit to Reno and tie in local artists, vendors, food trucks, and of course breweries.”

Caudle said the management team went to each brewery and sampled which libations to carry in the bars. The Eddyplans to have a constant rotation of seasonal brews, as well as the local staples carried year-round.

If you’re looking for a place to bring the kids and the pups while still sipping on a Nevada beer, The Eddy is a great option downtown.

The Eddy is located at 16 S. Sierra Street, near Wild River Grill. The Eddy is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Enjoying a Brasserie St. James Santiago at The Eddy.