When we said hand-crafted…

Seven Troughs Distilling Co., is releasing their Nevada Straight Bourbon Whiskey this Saturday, May 27. The bourbon is is distilled from 55% corn, 25% wheat, and 20% malted barley and aged over two years. Owner/Distiller, Tom Adams, describes the bourbon as “true to our early American style, it is mashed and fermented in open wood tubs and distilled on our flame fired still, then aged in our charred barrels. This whiskey takes on a wonderfully deep copper color and intense flavor with notes of cherry cordial and fig.  The whiskey is sweet and strong with a lingering malt finish and is nowhere near a typical bourbon profile.”

This micro release of approximately 100, 750 ml bottles will have a finished strength somewhere around 110 proof.  It’s available only at the distillery for $85 per bottle starting tomorrow at 11 am.

Seven Troughs was founded in 2012.  The distillery focuses on historically authentic techniques and recipes to create true frontier spirits made by hand in small batches from locally grown grains.

The distillery and tasting room, located at 1155 Watson Way #5 in Sparks.

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