utr-pumpkinUnder The Rose Brewing Company has released two new beers for fall. pumpkinbeer and sour pumpkinbeer; both are barrel aged.

pumpkinbeer is a spicy belgian-style saison that has a golden copper color. The grain backbone is 2-row barley, rye, white wheat malt, flaked oats and caramel 20L and 120L malts. Dried chilies were added for a little spice and Cascade hops a very subtle.  After fermentation, this beer was aged for a year in Heaven Hills bourbon barrels.

sour pumpkinbeer has the same profile as the other one. However, this version has been soured for a bright acidic pop and aged for a year in merlot barrels.

Locally grown pumpkins were added to the mash making these true “pumpkin beers”. They are small-batch brews and available only in the taproom while they last.

Geeky beer stuff:  OG: 12.6,  SRM: 11.4, ABV: 5.1%.

Photo courtesy of UTR. For directions to the brewery, check out our CRAFT MAP.