Recently, the Under the Rose brewers, Scott Emond and Patty Cronin were talking about an experimental/hybrid style they could brew and the conversation lead to their latest creation, wicked nor’easter, a kettle-soured New England-style Pale Ale. This is their first foray into hops and kettle sours and the result is wonderful. The feedback in the taproom was all positive when I stopped in on release day.

This beer has notes of juicy nectarine and grapefruit in the style of New England IPAs and also combines the tart acidity of lemon that you would find in sour beers. It is a kettle soured beer with an aggressive dry hop of Nelson Sauvin. The sour really shines through at the end. ABV is a drinkable 4%. Great for a sunny afternoon.

The grain bill is simply 2-row, cara pils and white wheat. Simcoe was lightly used for the bittering hop just to balance the sweetness of the malt.

wicked nor’easter is only available in the tap room.

Geeky beer stuff: OG: 11.5 degrees plato, IBU’s: 15, SRM: 3.6

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