Rain Shadow Brut IPA

As a beer style, IPA has had plenty of its own iterations. From its British beginnings to American West Coast styles and Hazy varieties, a new adaptation is making its way to Reno. Brute IPA, also known as a Champagne IPA is a newer style coming out of San Francisco. The beer has little to no bitterness but very strong hop flavors and aromas. The beer is also bone dry (very limited residual sugars). The ability to get the beer so dry comes from an added enzyme that breaks down all starch and complex sugars into glucose, so the beer finishes at or right near 0 degrees Plato.

IMBĪB Custom Brews just put Rain Shadow Brut IPA on tap. The first one to be brewed in Reno. “This pale, dry, spritzy IPA is full of amazing hop aromas like melon and citrus. Featuring Hull Melon, Belma, Hallertau Blanc, and Citra hops.” according to a post by IMBĪB. The beer was conceptualized and brewed by  brewing assistant, Trevor Blackburn.

Typically when brewing an IPA, around 80% of the sugars will be consumed by the beer yeast and turned into alcohol. The final gravity on this beer is 1.000. And, according to co-founder, Matt Johnson, “there are absolutely no sugars left in the beer.”

Bitterness checks in at 25 IBUs. ABV is 6.4%. Currently only available in the taproom.

It thoroughly enjoyed the pint I had in their taproom today. I have not tried the originator, Brut IPA by Social Brewing. It will be interesting to see what happens with this IPA tweak.  The Brut IPA is a different process that adds a flavor element different than changing hops, yeast or malt. So we’ll have to see if this becomes something. Cheers!!

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